Indy Multigrade SAE 20W50

5lts Premium Motor Oil API: SG/CF-4

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INDY Multigrade 20W50 engine oil is blended from virgin base oils which have been fortified with anti-wear, anti-oxidant and anti-corrosion inhibitors together with viscosity index improvers. It is suitable for use in the latest petrol designs including those, which have turbocharged and multi-valve cylinder heads. It is suitable for diesel engines operating under mild service conditions giving high levels of performance and long service life.


INDY Multigrade 20W50 is suitable for use in all petrol and diesel engines which call for the API classification of SG (Petrol) and CF-4 (Diesel). Due to its ability to be used in a wide variety of engines, only one type of oil needs to be carried in stock.


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