Indy Max DX II

Dexron  II, Automatic Transmission Fluid

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INDY Max DX II is an automatic transmission fluid of the Dexron DX II type fluid. It is blended from virgin base oils containing anti-wear, anti-oxidant, anti-foam, anti-corrosion, viscosity index improvers and friction modifiers.

The principal application for this fluid is in automatic transmissions of passenger cars. INDY Max DX II is however also approved for use in certain transmissions used in commercial road vehicles and off highway equipment. An additional requirement of INDY Max DX II specification is that the fluid should provide good protection against power steering pump wear. It is therefore recommended for use in power steering and hydraulic systems of vehicles and earth moving equipment.


INDY Max DEXRON II is designed for use in all transmissions, power steering and hydraulic systems where a DX-II fluid is specified. INDY Max DEXRON II gives excellent performance and long service life.


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